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Brushing your teeth is not the only way to maintain your oral health. Poor dental hygiene can result in other worse things, such as cavities and, bad breath and oral infections. People who suffer from poor oral health results to low self-esteem. To achieve good dental hygiene, it requires a lot of self-discipline and commitment. Here are some of the steps to achieve good oral health.

Proper and regular brushing

This is the easiest way to ensure your teeth are clean. It is recommended you brush your teeth regularly preferably after every meal and before you sleep. When brushing, you are recommended to tilt your brush at an angle of 45 degrees. This will help the brush to clean the outer part of your teeth and the area near your gum. You should also clean the inner part of your teeth and the upper part of your tongue. Rinse your mouth severally after brushing, and this will always ensure your teeth are always clean.

Avoid tobacco

Tobacco use can cause oral cancer and other complication. Staying away from tobacco is a great favor to your dental hygiene and overall body health, this can save you from countless dental diseases.

Consume products with vitamins and calcium

Your body requires calcium in the development of your bones and teeth. Dentists recommend you drink milk and other dairy products. You should also take some calcium supplements this will help in improving the overall health of your gum and teeth. Vitamin B is also essential in preventing gum bleeding and teeth cracking.

Clean your tongue

Professionals recommend you regularly brush the surface of your tongue. You should use a professional tongue cleaner to clean your tongue. This will help in removing all countless bacteria in your tongue and also prevent bad odor and bad breath. Bad breath affects your oral health negatively.

Visit your dentist Highland Park IL

You should take a point of visiting your dentist regularly, and this is crucial when it comes to maintaining good oral health. The dentist should assess your mouth for any infections or gum bleeding or any other issues that can result in a major complication. In case there are any problems with your oral health, the Highland Park IL dentist should give you the right treatment. This will help in preventing any future oral complication.


Though a toothbrush is a crucial item when it comes to your oral health, dentists recommend you change your tooth brush after every two months. This helps to prevent bacteria from building up in your toothbrush.


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