Maintaining a good dental hygiene is one of the most important things you can do for your teeth and gums. More so, dental hygiene is crucial to the overall well-being. Not only do healthy teeth make you feel and look good, but they enable you to eat and speak properly. Therefore, we can define dental hygiene as the procedures involved in treating and maintaining teeth and gums. In between visits to the dentist Deerfield IL, some preventive cares can be done at home, and they include brushing thoroughly after every meal, flossing daily, eating a well-balanced diet and rinsing your mouth with fluoride mouth wash.

However, some of these preventive cares may seem to be simple but trust me even if people practice them; they always do it in the wrong way. Therefore, this article will expound on some of the dental hygiene practices that you should follow.

First, toothbrushes are an essential part in brushing your teeth. It is, therefore, recommended that you use a brush with a small head and with a soft bristle. Now, the challenge is identifying a soft brush in the market since most manufacturers’ define soft differently. So, make sure that once you buy a toothbrush you deep in warm water before cleaning your teeth to soften the brushes even more. As much as you think that when using a hard brush does a better job than while using a soft brush, soft brushes are the best because they do not damage your teeth and gums. Again, the small head brushes are equally important. Usually, a child’s toothbrush is often the best for adults.

However, you may opt to use the electric toothbrushes and flossers. It is not that they do a better job than the regular brush, but they are more efficient in giving your teeth a good clean when done correctly. Northbrook dentist recommends that patients with periodontal diseases to use a special kind of brush that will clean around and between their teeth.

Although the type of toothpaste is a secondary element to effective brushing, it is important that you buy tooth pastes that contain fluoride. Fluoride is very beneficial in protecting any tooth that has decay. However, there are some sensitive tooth pastes available in the markets which are useful in treating sensitive teeth. It is advisable that you use these sensitive tooth pastes all the time not only when your teeth are sensitive. Also, the tooth paste that contains triclosan, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory chemical can assist in treating gum problems. Again, it is worth noting that tooth paste contents are not as important as effective brushing.

Moreover, dentists recommend that brushing should be done after every meal. When brushing, it is important to clean in front of a mirror. Make sure that you brush your teeth in a circular motion on the inside, outside and the biting surfaces with the bristles positioned at 45 degrees to the tooth surface. By doing this, you will be able to eliminate plaque.

In conclusion, a good dental hygiene involves your teeth been clean and free from debris. But if you have gums that hurt and bleed when you brush or floss and you have bad breath, it is good that you consult your dentist.


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